the right place - the right time!

LASTMINUTE is a leading and value-oriented group of companies that has set itself the task of combining the right moments, ideally suited networks and the meaningfulness of success-based companies in their daily activities.
Forward-looking leading sectors open up a comprehensive market presence and result in the highest growth opportunities.

In the right place at the right time – the common denominator of all our group’s activities.
Destinations that impress and enrich. News that determine the world of tomorrow. Properties that make dreams of the future come true. Health issues that will shape generations.

LASTMINUTE – the right place – the right time!

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Good things don't have to be far away - destinations that invite you to dream can be found at LASTMINUTE TRAVEL.
As a specialist, we offer trips worldwide. 
With our diverse selection of high-quality hotels, star hotels and holiday apartments, no holiday wishes remain unfulfilled.


News that moves, enlightens and sensitizes mankind - for the world events of tomorrow.
Whether regional, national or international, LAST connectsMINUTE NEWS Values ​​& Responsibility in your position as an independent online news service.


The perfect dream property for you.
We manage houses, apartments and properties that make dreams come true in our international network of well-known real estate agents. Surround yourself with our know-how, the highest lifestyle and professionalism in objects that will make your dreams of the future come true.


Health as the most important asset of every individual - more than ever before, people are developing a sensitization and awareness in order to gain enlightenment and knowledge in the field of health and to align their lives accordingly.

LASTMINUTE HEALTH would like to underline the importance of this and to support this enlightenment. For a better world tomorrow and a healthy life for future generations.


A special kind of shopping experience – you can do that at LASTMINUTE enjoy SHOPPING. High-quality brands, best prices and a diverse selection give every customer an individual shopping experience.


Many people see luxury as ostentatious and lavish. LOADMINUTE LUXURY would like to give this name a new face, namely glamorous, magnificent and offer people amenities. 

Here you can purchase sustainable, hand-made one-offs as well as experience one-of-a-kind opera and ballet pieces.